House republicans actually voting to sue Obama due to abuse of executive powers because he extended an Affordable Care Act insurance deadline (i.e. they all decided they were gonna sue him and then sat around a table until they figured out a potential way in) when the AFC has successfully insured 10 million people and has more public approval and actual utility than ever is such comical proof that 225 terrifying idiots have spent so much time hive-minding in a poorly lit office building for the past six years that being paid $200,000 per year to stomp their feet has effectively detached them from any semblance of reality except for the fact that it’s not comical at all it’s very quite sad like really the only thing left to do is call their offices to fart in their phones and hope they height of their idiocy will occur a few weeks before the midterms

also for the record they’re really after limiting the power of the executive order so that the president can’t do anything without congressional approval

let me make something ridiculously clear: the executive order is the only thing getting shit done in this country

like let’s talk about the number of executive orders that are currently helping people versus the number of laws being passed. would the president be using the executive power as often if Congress wasn’t fucking around?

Let’s also talk about how Obama has issued the fewest executive orders of any president since Grover Cleveland.

If this were really about executive power (as opposed to being obstructionist pieces of uselessness), Republicans would have jumped all over one of the Bushes or their beloved Reagan.

Tuesday, July 29

1. Dance moves by white boys: the vertebrae-less neck; the unintentional full-body pelvic thrust (it’s a thing)

1b. The above made possible by people who drink PBR when there’s radler on tap.

2. Everyone should put hummus on their burgers, always. Do it. Change your life.

3. If your irrelevant, pointless conversation is louder than the entire band, kindly kick yourself in the balls and move along.

4. Why yes, coders from the 1970s! Let’s code NATO as a terrorist organization! That makes perfect sense! *facepalms after frantically fixing the case in question so as to avoid an international incident*

5. Contrary to other opinions I’d heard, Barrel is a homey, down-to-earth bar with a fantastic twist on the Moscow Mule. 

5b. (Do not to go to Barrel to eat if you are a transitioning vegan. You will end up ordering lots of twists on the Moscow Mule so that you can eat the berries off of the skewer that they stick in the drink. Then you will become very drunk. True story.)

This is my “quickly stick my phone in the air and hope for the best” photo of Bear’s Den. (Was having too much of a good time to try again.)

This is my “quickly stick my phone in the air and hope for the best” photo of Bear’s Den. (Was having too much of a good time to try again.)

East Ghost is a BYSK (band you should know).

East Ghost is a BYSK (band you should know).

Watch this and learn about that time the Air Force left nuclear missiles sitting on the tarmac, unguarded, for a day and a half. Or, you know, that time we almost blew up North Carolina.

Humble Fire’s range is so impressive. (This is like White Stripes meets Metric meets wailing guitar solo, sort of. Or just great indie rock.)

Current jam.

Until the lion has his historian, the hunter will always be a


copperoranges replied to your post “I present to you the state of the U.S. homeland security apparatus.”

Are research outfits different from think tanks?

In terms of what we do, not really. In terms of funding, yes: we’re funded by DHS and the State Department rather than grants and donations. I was concerned about that at first—having the government dictate your research agenda instead of a private entity still isn’t independence—but the bosses are incredibly independent and sassy when it comes to requests that are unrealistic or just plain silly.