This is just too perf


This is just too perf

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Me:Okay, I'll be done working after I code this attack.
Me:Ooh, a perp claim and an influential target? This one looks interesting!
Me, 40 attacks later:...whoops.


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Things I despise

1. The telephone. If you want to have a conversation, let’s meet face-to-face where nonverbal cues are a thing. If that’s not possible and you still want to talk in real time, let’s set up a Google Hangout. Otherwise, use email or texting so that I can respond when I’m able. There is no reason to take up time with a method of communication where I can’t tell when you’re going to respond, can’t guess at how you’re reacting to what I’m saying, and am at the mercy of my cell phone signal. 

The telephone is the worst invention for social anxiety. Unless you are my mother or a very, very good friend, I will instinctively hate you if you call me. (And I’ll make it easy for you not to call me. I’ll even travel an hour on public transportation in a blizzard to talk to you in person. True story.)

Don’t call me. 

End rant.

You were just a means to a vulnerable end.

Some people underestimate how erotic it is to be understood.

The wasp that flew into my apartment two days ago and that I was convinced had finally figured out where the open window (and the way out) was IS STILL IN MY APARTMENT.